why read science in class 11 after passing SEE

As we all know SEE is now following the Grading system to evaluate the performance of the student in SEE exams. We are not going to see the advantage or disadvantage of the grading system in class 10 but yes the grades you received in SEE result in few subjects matters to make you eligible to choose science in NEB class 11. why read science in class 11 after passing SEE is an important thing to know.

why read science in class 11 after passing SEE
why read science in class 11 after passing SEE

Why Choose Science and study Science in Class 11?

Even I was a science student once after SEE which was called slc in our times. Though science has an impression of difficult subjects to read or choose to study. It’s not about difficulty or easy things to choose but all about what you love or is going to help you in the future. Lets see few of the advantage you will have if you choose to study science in class 11 after (SEE result 2074 – SEE result 2075 )

1. It is the hard fact that many students in Nepal, don’t know why but are afraid to study science that though it has a bad impression if you know how to learn it in a fun way it opens up different sides of knowledge from the scientific aspects making you smart, intelligent and more progressive.

2. Everything around you has a science behind it from the stone you see to the any substance you see around you. Reading physics and chemistry gives you in-depth knowledge of how things work and how are they being build or formed theoretically.

3. The solution to every problem is with the science. No problem can be solved beyond the science.

4. Science is not just physics or chemistry but there is a who universe space and human body you can explore in science. The best part being our intelligent mind which you can study in science.

5. Most of the discovery in the world is dependent on science from aeroplane to medicines we consumes. It builds the discovery and creative thinking in you.. It helps to broaden your understanding and allows you to reach to some more level of higher degree problem solving skills


These were few of some broad advantages of science. But let us talk being in the perspective of Nepal. What are the benefits of reading it in class 11 as the main subject?

  1. You become eligible to jump to any subjects you want to in Bachelor level after studying science. Based on what you want to read after engineering or CA or Accounting or whatever professions exist. You are open to any stream of the profession. Which is not possible in other subject streams beside science. Though might matter a bit if you choose to go ahead with MBBS.
  2. Shifting to any other stream will be easier for science students as you will have a good understanding of mathematics which is what is required at most when you shift to another stream.
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