why is the class 11 hseb result coming so late

The class 11 hseb result which was meant to be published at least at the end of the mangsir is not published yet. Yes, always these years class 11 hseb result is being too late than last year. Every year they are repeating the same things. Why is the class 11 hseb result coming so late is pricking question. No years the result of class 10 SEE or class 11 or class 12 NEB is published on scheduled time. The main reason this time being the provincial state election which hampered a lot in result publishing date.

why is the class 11 hseb result coming so late
why is the class 11 hseb result coming so late

We tried to contact the office who is responsible for the result publishing of neb. And they say the same, mainly due to the election the result has been delayed these time for class 11. We advised them to published every year, not just these years the result of time because many students make a formost plan depending upon their results. So it matters a lot to publish the result on time. Whoever is in that position always makes such excuses on result and examinations. We don’t understand why are these really happening in Nepal. The authorities and the government are playing with the future of students. They don’t have proper planning and scheduling and which in fact is affecting the innocent students of Nepal.

class 11 NEB final exam result date :

Nobody knows about the exact date of class  11 neb final exam result date. Stick to the website we are continuously trying to get the information as soon as possible. As we get the information regarding the exam result date we will publish it to our website as soon as possible and try to reach our students. You may also help us by liking and sharing our Facebook post. We have a detail information here about how to get or see your class 11 result with marksheet online.

Or you can always message or write a comment down below the post to know or find more about us thank you best wished to all class 11 NEB students of Nepal.

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