What to do in and off college | tips for Students

The best year of the life is College years. When everything around you is new, fun, exciting and challenging. The part of the life which is most important factors in determining where will you head in the future. This is the time when you have to be very carefully choosing anything that comes ahead of you. Don’t rush on decision. Take your time and think wisely before taking any decision. Ask help from parents or elders if you can’t make the decision on own. Today, here we want to emphasize or explore something that youngsters or college going lads can keep in consideration. It is surely going to help them.

a. Participate in all kinds of In and off college events:

Take a part in each and every events that happens in your college. Be it sports or technical or any kind of events. Keep it mind that you are in learning age. What ever comes do it with patience. You will surely learn something. If its a sports and you are not good in it you can take part to manage the events. You will learn about event management. Don’t be afraid to fail. That is how every one learns. Participations is the key to learning. If there are events happening outside the college and if you have the leisure time ,go participate on it. As most of the students of this age don’t have a fixed goal or have an crystal clear vision about what he wants to do in life. Exploring such events may give them some clue. You might find something that interest you a lot. Isn’t that someone else would like to achieve in life.

b. Form a Group or clubs:

Most of the reputed colleges and universities have different kind of groups formed in college , like robotics groups for anyone interested in robotics. Programmers groups for exploring programming. Similarly you can form a small group . Give it a name collect the students with similar interest. Teach and learn from the members in the groups. Many successful startups have been started from college students groups. Your might be one too. In case of Nepal we do have political groups and mostly lead by political parties. Which is really a worst situation in Nepal. If I were you I would rather love to be in groups that will enhance my skills rather than being int the group that are more politics oriented. Decision is in you hand where you want to be. Politics is not bad thing but the way they run in colleges of Nepal are worst to tell about. It will be best to put someone from the college like your professor or lecturer as a mentor, who could possibly guide you in difficult time.

c. I would Try to do Internship / Job:

Give your best to enroll in the internship program if possible. We have a thinking in Nepal that you have to do it in the end of the semester or by the end of the study. I would recommend to start doing it from the beginning of the course. They will surely enrich your skills and help academically too. If possible and time permits you can look for the jobs too after completing the internship. The reality is bit hard in Nepal. As we don’t have enough companies and also everyone will not get opportunity to enroll in internship program. In such cases you can looks for some training program which will make you ready for the job.


Why should we follow this ?

This is your choice but if you do. It is surely going to help you in any way in your life.
What if the college does not allow us to form a group?
I don’t think there will be any college who would not permit the student to form a group if they have a positive missions. Put a clear missions in front of them and surely they have to support you financially or non-financially.

How to find the internship opportunities ?

Though its hard to find the internship opportunities from websites as they are more jobs oriented. You need to visit as many institute or organization showing your interest. List out the companies in town of your area of interest and do visit them and let them know about why want to do it and if it is available.

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