What smart kids do after SEE

So you have your SEE done. But still, there are many things to come and acquire in life. SEE is just a part of it. Let’s be smart or not waste time as most of us do after SEE. Let’s observe and learn about few of the intelligent things people do after SEE that every one of you must try to do or make your self-involved in.

As we all know the best way to learn is by doing. Up to now, you have just received a theoretical knowledge. Now it’s time to explore the real work by making your hands dirty.

You must be wondering how can I achieve it?

Do not rush into joining best college. Yes everyone wants to get into best college. But what smart kids been doing is they also look for organizations where they can volunteer or do an internship in their free time. As you will not have the real experience of working. You can join to volunteer or do an internship for some periods of time.

There are many organizations who hire interns or put youngster for volunteering. If possible continue the volunteering for some long period of time. Put a mindset of learning how things are really done in real world. They way you have read in books and the way it is implemented might have a vast difference. The advantage of volunteering or doing an internship is you will be learning by doing and you will understand more clearly what you read in books.

Best timing for College :

If possible choose the college where you can study in morning sessions. The advantage is you have enough time to explore, volunteer or work somewhere.

How to choose organizations:

Choose organization best upon your interest or which will help in your educations what you will pursue from the college. For example, if you are doing in pharmacy. You can volunteer in medical store or medical pharmacy.

Learn to explore:

Honestly, after SEE most of the students don’t have an idea about what they really want to pursue as their career. That does not mean you can not achieve anything in life. What you can do is you can explore as many fields as possible. Try to work in co-operatives. Try to learn how it works. If you don’t like it. Simply leave it and try exploring another field. There is nothing worst in trying new things. It’s fun too. try painting classes. Try computer classes. Try photography.

What it will surely help you is help you find what will be the best career for you. Doing the works that you are interested is 100 times better than doing things that you have zero interest in.

Start with a group:

Another best things to do is start a group of friends with similar interest and start something. What happens when you have a group is it will be fun to learn and share things. The cost of starting will be less. In case even if the thing goes in the loss the effect will be small. Never think that you have to succeed at any cost. There is always a chance to fail. But that’s how you learn. Those who have never started will never fail and will never learn too.

Focus on skills:

The world or any organizations demands a skilled personnel. So it’s the best time to focus more on skills. Try to be totally skilled focused. Keep yourself out of rich from bad habits like drinkings and smoking cigarettes. Always be surrounded by positive people and always keep positive and learning attitude.

Positive mindset:

It’s your mindset that will always drive you to where you want to reach. Always have a positive attitude.


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