TU NTC NET NP | Tribhuvan University Result | MA, BBS, BED, IA, LLB 1 2 3 4 years

Today this post will be for students who belongs to Tribhuvan University. We will be exploring how can a Students who reads in college affiliated to Tribhuvan University can check the result on-line. The method can be used to check for large set of students from  multiple streams and multiple years of studies few of them are follows.

Can be used to check result for Grade 12 students , Bachelor and Master or post Graduation students,

  • Humanities Nepali
  • Humanities Rural Development
  • Humanities Political Science
  • Humanities Gender Studies
  • BBS Management
  • IED education psychology

The above are few of the examples only.

About  Tribhuvan University:

One of the oldest university of Nepal located in Kirtipur. It was established in the year 1969. As a matter of fact Tribhuvan University is the 9th largest university in world in terms of student enrollment. To read in more details about the university please visit the official website or the wiki  details

Where to find it ?

These is the steps you need to follow to find the result.

  1. Visit the website http://tu.ntc.net.np .These is where we will dig to get our result
  2. Now you will see the form as shown in the figure bellow.
  3. Now you need to choose the faculty you belong to. For example if you are going to check the result of Humanities and II year than check if it is not listed in the drop down. If it is not than you have to know that the result is not published for you subject and you need to visit the site later again.
  4. After selecting your faculty .Type your symbol number assigned by Tribhuvan university correctly.
  5. If you have followed step 3 and step 4 correctly you will see you  result .
  6. Print it or save it for later use.

Does it provide Back exam result too ?

Yes, If you belong to any of the college affiliated to Tribhuvan University then be it Regular exam or exempted (Back) exam you can use the website service given by NTC to check your result.

How to check my result is published ?

The method to know if your result is published or not is the step 3 defined above. You need to see the drop down list and check if your faculty and years of study is available there or not. If available than your result is published else not.

Can we check the result using mobile phone?

Though the mobile App for android and ios is not available but you can browse the website from the mobile using the same link. The website may appear a bit messed up though. So the best option is to browse in bigger screen devices with  Internet service.

Do they charge ?

No its free of cost. You don’t have to pay a penny to the site. If you use data pack than we may count that as the amount invested.

Are they other alternatives too ?

Yes, there are but we would highly recommend using it as this is the official one too. If you need further information regarding it you can always comment us or write email to us and we will try our best to clear your doubts and problems.



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