Subject to study after class 12 exam result

Current status of HSEB student in Nepal

Students studying in class 12 (or more likely called +2) don’t know which Subject to study after class 12. They only focus to score marks or just need to pass. But it would be wise if they plan before they join the school, it would sure benefit the student. The trend is same for their parent, they don’t have any suggestion for their child. They want their child to study so as to become a doctor, engineer, banking professional, but not what their child really wants such as singer, artist, designer, painter, social worker, or some other profession that are underrated and unknown to parents. Students don’t have control over their mind, they are controlled by their parents.

Somehow there are a number of students who are influenced by their friends also. They don’t hesitate to study what their friends study. They just want their company to be with.

Subject to study after class 12
Subject to study after class 12

What to do in the free time before your result comes?

In the context of Nepal, after giving the examination students don’t care, they go to travel to a different place near or far, join gyms house for bodybuilding, takes rest in a home. And students who want to go abroad try applying for Foreign college and University.

But to be in precise, they have to prepare their mind what they want to do in their life and what they want to be. This is very difficult for the students to decide what is more important and what is less important. So they need a proper guidance for their better future. They have to choose a proper person to be their guide for their future. If the student has found them, then they would have a great life ahead.

The guide will tell ask what the student want to be in their life, what their aim is to be. They will clearly sort their ambitions, their resources,  capabilities to study the subject or not. He/she will motivate, enhance, support the student.

Here are lists of subject and description of Subject to study after class 12:

Course Under Science Faculty:

1. IT (Information Technology)

In this growing tend of Technology, there is required of students who are skilled to handle information and technology. So to fulfill the required number, there are few course like  Bachelors in Computer Science Information technology (BcsIT), Bachelor in Information Technology(BIT), etc which makes the students tackle all the issue and fulfill the needs. If you have a good concept of this course then it helps you make an Enterpruiner. You can have searched on google to see the list of people. Students getting a good score on entrance exam can also get a scholarship to study this course.

2. MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery):-

Students who have chosen their class 12 (+2) with the major subject as Science can apply for studying MBBS if their marks or scored are reached for applying. Although there is a limited seat for studying MBBS, a large number of students apply for this. There is high competition for studying this. Currently, Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University are a highly preferred university to provide the education. As this is costly course, students try for a scholarship provided for a limited set of the deserving students as per the University rule and college rule.

3. Engineering:-

Similarly, for studying engineering, the student should have taken science in +2 with math in major or in substitute subject. There is a large number of colleges under a number of universities which provide engineering degrees in Nepal. Among all universities in Nepal, Tribhuvan University is more preferred and colleges under it get a large number of students to get applied within. For admitting a large number of students, the colleges provide different schemes, scholarship, and features to attract.

Course Under Management Faculty:

4. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration):-

For students who are interested to go in banking, enterprise, human resource, and other commercial offices jobs are highly preferred who studied BBA (Bachelor of Bussiness Administration). BBA is also costly course to study, poor people cannot afford this to study. The course is designed for the requirement of the current stated of Nepal and help them to apply their study matters in their working life. Nowadays, bank prefers a student who has studied BBA in their college life. BBA is a highly reputed course in the context of Nepal.

5. BBS(Bachelor of Bussiness Studies)

A few years later BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies) was a 3-year course, but nowadays you can have the option to choose to study 4-year course to study. BBS course is revised and now its equally taken as BBA. The difference is that it is less costly than BBA to study. Normal or poor students can also study. Thus no description needed for this course is needed. It is similar to the previous course.

6. Hotel Management

Hotel management also has a great requirement in Nepal and abroad. A large number of people having HM (Hotel Management) are called abroad for work. This course includes all the features needed for the hotel, restaurants, resorts, etc. It has also made out tourism industry grow by making a good change is the old traditional system. As HM is maximum practical oriented course, Students studying are trained in three stars, four stars and five stars hotel of Nepal and abroad.

Course Under Art/Education Faculty:

7. Fashion Designing

Students who do not have interest in science and management can join fashion designing for their interest. The main reason to join fashion designing is to make things and people looks best by matching everything. There are few colleges who give this degree.

8. BA LLB (Bachelor of Law)

Students are also interested in joining the BA LLB for giving the people lawful help. A lawyer collects evidence and helps their client. This is also a theoretical program which makes people perfect. There are a large number of colleges which provide this course. A lawyer could change the fate of the person. This is a highly reputed course to study.

See about grading system:

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