Some important notices from Online Chat with US embassy Nepal about visa and EDV

A large number of people have Visa Related questions and queries for the Embassy of US in Nepal and other countries. Here we have snapped some questions and answers related to Visa for the US and Electronic Diversity Visa also. Different types of visas affected by COVID-19.


visa related us embassy in nepal
visa related us embassy in nepal

I wanna give some news related to visas of EDV also. Here are snaps of some conversation with U.S. Embassy in Nepal, which might be helpful to you and no any content are of our or manulated. Everything is copied here to help you, if these might be the query of yours also.


Question 1 :- I paid my visa fee on February and took my appointment but unfortunately I cancelled my interview date twice because delay of my paperwork. As per consular I can cancel the interview date 3 times so i would like to know about next procedure in the case of my c1d visa ,best regards.

Answer 1:- Because the U.S. Embassy is closed for routine visa services, you will need to wait until we reopen to make a new visa appointment for a C1D visa. Your visa fee is good for one year, so please continue to monitor our website for updates on the embassy’s status.

us visa related question 1
us visa related question 1










Question 2:- Dear consular, I wanted to know about my IV and when I email in embassy , embassy had replied for me to wait for 180 days . As per the rules of embassy it has been already over 180 days . After that I didn’t get any response for the further steps along with that I recently email in embassy but I have not got any response.

Answer 2:-  If you have emailed the embassy about an immigrant visa, please make sure you send your information to [email protected] It may take some time for a response since we the embassy is closed and a severely limited number of staff are able to review cases.

us visa related question 2
us visa related question 2









Question 3:- Dear Consular officer. I had applied for B1/B2 visa in june 2020 and i have not been able to schedule my interview as the consulate office is closed. I am a doctor in Nepal and I have to go to the US for US clinical experience which is starting in 1st october 2020. Would you be able to advice me further as how to proceed? Should I apply for an emergency visa interview? Or Should I wait for the embassy to resume its interview process. I would be really grateful if you could answer me. Thank you

Answer 3:- Please email [email protected] with the complete details of your situation so that we can review your case.

us visa related question 3
us visa related question 3









Question 4:-Dear consular, My case was approved and the interview date was scheduled for February 24, 2020. During the medical examination I was required for more tests and the interview date was cancelled. Now, I have been medically cleared but due to lockdown interview date has not been set.
My concern is that my medical reports are about to expire soon so how do I set up an appointment for an interview? Suggest please.

Answer 4:- The most accurate response to your question will depend on the type of visa for which you are applying. It will be best if you email your details to our visa team at [email protected]

us visa question 4 edv
us visa question 4 dv










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