Some brilliant tips for students to secure good grades

The good and triggering thing in the mind of every parents/guardians mind is how their child will get a good score in the examination. Securing good grades is not that easy nor is impossible. We have pinpointed few of some brilliant tips for students to secure good grades


Nobody can help you but it is you who can help yourself. So the very first steps being you have to be determined that you will achieve it by hook or crook and you are ready to go through anything that comes in the way.

how to score good grades in examinations
Some tips to score good grades for students

Drop your bad habits:

You might be wondering how is the good habit related to a good score but yes it is related. If you have a bad habit of wasting a lot of time on social media like facebook or twitter or youtube. Of course, it is going to hamper your study and grades.  So try to figure out what are your bad and worst habits which are the blockage for your study. It can be like you watch a lot of TV. You love to roam or hang out with friends more than required. It’s totally dependent on individual. So ask yourself what are your bad habits or you can  take help from your parents and elders and try to get rid of it as soon as possible. If you not drop your bad habits than it will be yourself who is responsible for bad exam scores. Quit smoking if you do. Quit gambling. Quit drinking alcohols or any other drugs if you are consuming it.

Make a Good Learning Environment:

The environment around you helps you stay longer or focused more on your study. For easy steps, you can try to make your room out of reach from electronics gadgets. You can paste some motivational postures on your room walls. Keep your room clean and healthy.

Collect Proper resource:

Make sure you have all the learning materials before you start preparing. collect good notes prepared by you or from your friends. Buy some good books referred by teachers. If you have all the resources pre collected you wont digress during the time of study. You don’t have to waste time later searching the materials you required here and there from door to door or shop to shop

Be disciplined:

Discipline does not just mean to regularly do your homework. Discipline also means keeping yourself focused and stay connected to what you want to achieve 100% of the time. For example, you decided to wake up early and read regularly but if you break it because your friends got some work than you are not a disciplined guy.

Be in Positive Group circle:

If you have friends who give a damn about a study they will surely make you the same or you might get influenced or disturbed because of them. Try your best to be out of reach to such groups at least until you give your final examinations. Being in group and studying is not bad but make sure the group members have the same goals.

No social media:

Youngster these days are wasting a lot of times on social media. So from the day, you determined to score highest, you also have to abandon social media. It will save plenty of your time for you. If you are too much addicted to it. Try to slowly reduce your use time. If you can’t give up as soon as possible.

Proper Planning:

Always make a right planning before you seat for studying. Make a planning about how you are going to start. Which subjects to read first and which on the ends. If there are no gaps between some exams than you have to assign more time to such subjects for study. You may have a lot more time for harder subjects than an easier one.


Always put enough time to revise everything you have read. We human being obviously forget things so you have to revise time to time if required.

Try to be more Practical:

Many of the students have the habits of mocking whatever is taught or is there in the books without rather than trying to understand what core concept is exactly. If you understand the things practically than you can remember it for a longer time and even can writer better than someone who has just mocked it without understanding the core concepts.

Be confident in Basics:

Master the basics first. Trying to learn advance concept without knowing the basic is the waste of time. If you find something difficult. Prepare for basics first and gradually things will start to become easier for you. For example, without know the basic trigonometry formula you won’t be able to accomplish the complex problems right.

Be consistent:

Always be consistent in what you do. Everything is hard in the beginning. Most of the students give up in while they start finding things difficult. If you regularly practice even a hard subject becomes most easier one for you. It is just the matter of time. So don’t forget to be consistent.

Take a Break:

Research shows  instead of  learning continously hours and hours .It’s good to learn with few minutes of break in the middle. Take a few minutes of break for refreshment in middle of your studies but don’t take it too long either.

Take Extra Classes:

If you are too weak in the subjects or you have totally lost the confidence. You might take some extra classes to uplift yourself on the subjects you feel difficult. You can ask help from your teachers to give you some extra hours personally on certain topics you haven’t understood. You can take a help from senior brother or sisters to teach you. Never hesitate to ask help from your seniors or teachers.

Eat healthily:

As we know, without health you can not study well and concentrate. No student can give the exam if he/she is sick. So to maintain this you must maintain a good health. Maintain proper hygiene by bathing regularly in a good interval of the day according to the season. Eat fruits and green vegetables that are good for body and mind.

Do exercise:

A regular exercise keeps your mind-body health and giving you the energy to concentrate more. It increases your stamina to read more than you usually do.



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