SEE Routine 2074 Published

SEE Routine 2074 Published
SEE Routine 2074 Published

Notice regarding SEE Routine 2074 Published for Regular, Exempted and Technical Categories Students

Nepal Education Board (NEB), according to the team of examination on 2074 Poush 5 had given the see routine for the 2074 year. All details are given below. Please see the details of your subjects you have taken in the examination. Subjects and date are listed for your convenience.

Time Schedule

Exam Start time: Morning 8:00 am to 11:00 pm

2074 Chaitra 8 Thursday:

For Normal Students: Compulsory English

For Bedh students: Compulsory Sanskrit and Sahitya(Literature)/Compulsory English

2074 Chaitra 9 Friday:

For Normal Students: Compulsory Nepali

For Foreign Students: Elective English

2074 Chaitra 12 Monday:

For Normal Students: Compulsory Mathematics

2074 Chaitra 13 Tuesday:

For Normal Students: Compulsory Science

For Bedh Students: Compulsory Sanskrit Byakran and translation

2074 Chaitra 14 Wednesday:

For Normal Students: Compulsory Social Studies

For Techincal Students: Farm Management and Marketing/Engineering Drawing/Computer Repair and Maintainance, Basic Music

2074 Chaitra 15 Thursday:

For Normal Students: Compulsory Environment Population and Health (EPH)

For Bedh Students: Bedh or NeetiShastra

For Sanskrit Students: Optional 1 all Subjects

For Technical Students:  Aquaculture and Fisheries/Electrical Measurement and
Instrument/Computer Networks ⁄Engineering Surveying, Music of Nepal

2074 Chaitra 16 Friday:

For Normal Students: Optional 1 all Subjects

For Sanskrit Students: compulsory Sanskrit language

For Bedh Students: Optional Subjects

For Technical Students: Optional Mathematics

2074 Chaitra 17 Saturday:

For Normal and Sanskrit Students: Optional 2 subjects

For Bedh Students: KarmaKanda or Falit Jyotish

For Technical Students: Vegetable and Medicinal plant Production ⁄ Dairy and
Dairy Products⁄ Utilization of Electrical Energy ⁄ Database management
System⁄ Building Construction ⁄ Music Technology

2074 Chaitra 18 Sunday:

For Technical Students: Crop production⁄ Small Ruminant Production and
Management ⁄ Electronic device and circuit ⁄Water resources Engineering⁄
Instrument Keyboard

2074 Chaitra 19 Monday:

For technical Students: Industrial Entomology and Mushroom ⁄Animal health–
II ⁄Electrical Machine⁄ Microprocessor⁄ Highway Engineering⁄ Music
Business and Program Management

2074 Chaitra 20 Tuesday:

For technical Students: Floriculture and Nursery Management⁄ Veterinary
Laboratory Techniques⁄ Industrial Installation and Maintenance⁄ Object
Oriented Programming⁄ Estimating Costing and Supervision⁄ Optional
subject (Singing, Musical Instrument, Dance)

 Point to remember:

  1. In case of any holiday on the day of the examination period, please make confirm that the Controller of Examination has given the particular day as a holiday. Otherwise, there is no exam cancellation on a particular day.
  2. Examination for regular and exempted will be held on above scheduled day and time.Questions will be accordingly new curriculum for regular students and old curriculum for exempted students. For exempted students of the same district, all students will be placed in the same examination center.
  3. Don’t forget to take your admit card to enter in the exam hall(class).
  4. Exam center will be given by District Education office.
  5. Students whose does not give the examination in their assigned examination center and scheduled subject, they will not get next regular change to give the exam.
  6. You should use your own symbol number given on the admit card.
  7. Exam center will not be changed for regular and exempted students.
  8. Main examination paper and additional papers will be provided by the exam center itself. You are forbidden to take any papers by yours.
  9. Any query regarding the examination will be accepted by the controller of the examination on the phone numbers: 01-6630739, 01-6630070, 01-6631146.

Click to download SEE_MODEL_QUESTIONS_2074

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