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Brace yourself because the SEE result of 2074 is coming soon By the end of the post everyone will be clear about when will the result be published and why was the result delayed this time. We are asked this questions 100000 times by so many students. Please stick to the end of the post to know about everything. The SOCE called for the meeting with all the media groups which are being selected for the result publishing task for this year. We will list the name of all the websites in here. Do not worry about that. We have also posted a short audio clip to showcase what exactly happened in the meeting. We promise listening to the audio, half of the students doubt will be clear about result publishing date. The audio clip is at the end of this post. Please share our news to spread the genuine news. Ask everyone to visit our page

SEE final date around
SEE final date around

Everything the head of SOCE said in Meeting:

The meeting started at around 2:00 PM. The meeting hall was full of all the media groups including us. These are in overall what they had to say about the SEE result. There is also the short audio of today’s meeting. We would like to ask sorry for the low quality and some noise in the audio.

SOCE meeting with media before Result data provision :
meeting with soce for SEE result discussion


Why was the result too late this time?

Obviously, because the exam also started late this year compared to last year. The engineer they had were transferred and that was one problem for them.

When is the result of getting published?

Initially, he apologized for the delay in result publishing. They are trying hard to publish result by the 6th of Ashad but if not 7th or 8th will be the date of SEE result 2074-2075 getting published. We would personally like to request all to not follow the fake news around and believe whatever they say. Before believing them. Do some research or investigation. Are they verified for the result publishing like we are?

Meetings Expectations:

The SOCE was very excited and happy about so many media coming forward for the result. They shared few histories about how they used to publish result before internet technology came. In overall, the meeting went great.

list of the website verified by the SOCE (Nepal government)

see result 2074 verified website list

Yes, we are proud to say that we have been selected as the official website for showing the result to students of Nepal. We hope we have satisfied everyone visiting our facebook page and messaging us. We would like to request all the students to visit our website and check their result GRADES.

Nepal telecommunication NTC

One of the oldest website serving millions of Nepalese and SEE students since the online result checking method got implemented. Thanks to NTC for serving us for so long. You can easily get the result using the NTC website The most visited website during SLC-SEE result.

NCELL (Axiata):

Another biggest telecommunication in Nepal serving students via SMS service.


famous news portal site in Nepal

EduKhabar :

The web portal website in Nepal which also is helping in providing the SEE results to the student via their website. The site is dedicated towards students in Nepal just like You can get information that is education related to the website. for more information please visit



It is one of the top news sites in Nepal. The website also puts the page for displaying SEE result 2074 in their website. The website is in the Nepali language. It is the daily news website.

Aakash Tech:

Aakash tech also contributes in providing result using SMS service. Which we have clearly stated in our web post. Getting SEE result using SMS. Visit the company official website where you will find the link to get the result during the result time.

No other website will have rights to publish result. If they do or says they can display SEE results then they are fake websites.

Listen to full Audio Video here

To listen to the audio please click on the above link. Thanks and don’t forget to like comment and share.


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