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The result date of SEE is approaching near. So before the result appears we would like to make our students aware of each and every SMS providers in Nepal that you can take help of to get your SEE result with the help of your cell phone. This is the modern era and everything is in your hand. Students might not be aware of SMS providers that will compete during the SEE result time to provide results to the students. Lets look at few of them and discuss about their service. The list of service provider you will see are who provided the service in year 2073. Some of them might not provide the service these years too leaving the leading companies. So It will be reliable to choose some leading service provider

1. NTC (Nepal Telecommunication SMS SERVICE):

To get the result using your NTC sim card. You need to follow the following procedure

ntc sms service for SEE result

  1. Type SEE space Symbol no  in message box
  2. Send it to 1600.
  3. It may take few time ,usually there might be some delay during result time ,It is normal thing no need to panic if it takes longer time.

2. NCELL SMS Service:

ncell SMS service for SEE result

Another biggest telecommunication service provider in Nepal. Not only NTC , If you are ncell users you can use the SMS service of Ncell (Axiata) to receive your SEE result. For getting the result your Ncell sms service you need to follow the same procedure as you will do if you have NTC sim card.

  1. Open message and create new message
  2. Type SEE followed by your SEE registration number
  3. Send it to 1600.

The number to send is same in case of NTC and Ncell.


The quite famous sms service provider in Nepal. Their service are mostly utilized during the SEE result time. If you have read the above article. You must have realized that the message to send will be same for all the SMS service provider you want to use.The only change will be the number to send which determines which service provider will provide you the result. To get the result from Sparrow SMS service provider. Send the message to 35001 fulfilling all the message requirement.

sparrow sms for see result using sparrow sms


The another SEE exam service provider is Aakash lab. They charge around 5 rupees excluding tax for SMS. The process to get the result from Aakash lab is also same but the receiver number has to be 31003.

see result 2018 using sms aakashsms

Easy service Private limited:

Easy service is another company providing SMS service during SEE exam. It is situated in sankhamul kathmandu. To get the result from easy service private limited. Compose message write SEE followed by Registration number and send it to 34949

Few other SMS Service Provider:

What you saw above are the leading SLC/SEE result provider from SMS service. Now we will list few more SMS provider that provided the service in year 2073. It is not a guarantee that even this year they will provide the service. The official publishes the list every years. Few of them of year 2073 are listed bellow.

  • One up communication    SMS CODE    33624
  • Focus one                        SMS CODE     35566

Importance notice regarding the SMS SERVICE Provider:

Every year the Office of Controller of Examinations publishes the notice regarding who will be eligible for the service. The Service provider providing the service this year may or may not provide the service next year. But Few of the service provider in the top list are like never missing Service provider. So you can always depend on them without any hesitation.


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