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Hello SEE students who appeared for the SEE/SLC examination 2074 and waiting for the result in 2075. Everyday we get a message regarding the SEE 2074 result dates and all. On the last friday we went to the Education ministry and had around half hour  of meeting. In the meeting we talked many things about SEE. We talked to them about how did the SEE examination exam went this year compare to last year. If they are expecting more students to get passed this time. We had a series of questions. Few of them are bellow.

see result 2074 see result 2075 updates

How was SEE 2074 held ?

SEE 2074 went smoothly as expected and planned. There were few cases of cheating this years as we are being very strict toward the examinations.

How is the grading system of SEE ?

We will be having the SEE result in grading system, this years too. Yes it was hard for us in the beginning to make students and even teachers of the school understand about the new SEE grading marks  ,how it exactly works. Many even though it was an bad idea. But its been couple of years the grading system being implemented. The grading system now is accepted by all. Yes we do accept it’s quite inconvenient to studenst in understanding it in compare to percentage system. Read this post to know about what grades is required to read which subject in NEB.

When will the SEE result 2074 be held:

That is a very big question for us. We are sorry but we cannot say that now. Last year due to Nepal bandh the result was postponed in Terai region. Who know what comes in the futures so we cannot assure a fix SEE 2974 publishing date for now. We can just predict it will be published by end of Ashad.

Any suggestion to SEE students:

First I want to wish best of Luck to all students waiting for SEE result. Just want everybody to become positive and take decission wisely.




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