Importance of jobs for students in Nepal

Here in Nepal, We don’t have a trend in students of doing work while reading. If we look at the students who choose abroad for studies. They don’t have option to work beside studying. Most of the students in developed nation work while reading. Let’s see what are the benefits of doing jobs while studying.

  1. Most the the education we receive in Nepal are theoretical based so if we also work on relevant field while reading that might help understand the real usage of the things that we have learned in college or universities. We would suggest all colleges in Nepal to inspire and motivate the students to work while reading.
  2. Working will help students earn and know the importance of money. Most of the students in Nepal depend completely on parents to invest on their studies. So it will surely help their parents too.
  3. Learn to manage time. Time management can be bit tougher but it will help them learn the importance of time and learn to rightly manage it to solve their problem.
  4. It will help them make some money if they work hard and smart enough. We have enough example around of students who have started making huge amount since their early study period.
  5. It will obviously help student be ready for the future. In the end everyone has to do some work. So it will help them forehead.

We have few colleges in Nepal providing job opportunities while studying. So may be our government should also think about that part of education . We are sure it will help to grow and uplift every students capabilities.

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