Google android app for converting SEE GPA score to Grades

Hello all SEE students. Finally we have our Google android app for android mobile. The app is for those who do not know how much SEE  GPA score is equivalent to what GRADES. The app is very easy to use and is also very smaller in size. Please download the APP from here. Google play store Download link here APP LINK.

How to use the GPA to Grade Converter app:

  1. Download the google android app by clicking the the link provided above or simple click on the link bellow
  2. Install the application to your android phone.
  3. Now in the application you will find a input section to enter your GPA score which looks like in the image bellow.
    google android app for converting gpa to see grade
  4. Click on submit button and you will get the equivalent grades you have achieved based on the GPA you provided.

The application is fully tested before launched. Please download and use it and if you have any suggestions or feedback let us know by commenting down bellow this post.

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