Full detail guide to fill EDV DV online

EDV lottery opens every year and here is the full details regarding how to fill EDV online for free. We repeat, yes you can fill EDV online yourself and save your money.

How to fill EDV form online:

How to fill EDV DV lottery online

Step1:  Visit this official website www.dvlottery.state.gov from any computer with internet connection.

Step2: You will be asked to submit the following details of yours.

i Your Name                                                                            vii. Your current residing country

ii . Gender                                                                                viii. Phone number

iii. Date of Birth                                                                        ix. Email

iv. Birth Place                                                                             x. Highest Qualification achieved

v. Birth country                                                                          xi. Married / Single

vi. With whom you will stay in Anerica, his/her name.

Warning: Providing invalid information can make your entry unqualified. So be extra cautious while entering your birth country, all the details of your family. Make sure you double check your date of birth, photos and all the family details are all correct.

Step 3: Your’s husband / Wife and children photos of size 600 X 600 pixels ie 2″x2″ should be provided.

Warning: Sometime consultancy might mistakenly switch your photos with another applicant so need to confirm the photo too.

Step4: Double check all your entries. Those marked warning should be given special priority and confirmed.

Step5: Print your confirmation number and keep it very safe. This number is like a main tool to check you EDV. Never ever trust some third party or consultancy and think that your confirmation number is safe with them. You personally need to have it. There are some records that consultancy has asked for huge money in return of their confirmation number.

Step6: During the result day visit the site www.dvlottery.state.gov again  and enter you confirmation number to find out your result.



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