Fake news of SEE result 2074-2075 publishing date around.

We are getting a lot of message from SEE students and our followers regarding “WHEN IS THE SEE RESULT PUBLISHING DATE“. It is our request to our students from all over Nepal. Please don’t believe in any news that says the SEE result publishing date is this and that. Because all of them are fake.

One of our followers even send us the image that shows like a government notice but that is totally fake. Believe us or not the SEE result publishing date is not fixed yet. Though we expect it to come within the months of Jestha. The full preparation is going on and the authority want to assure it will be published as soon as possible.

The SEE date is not fixed.

if you are still unknown about how to check see result Read this most liked post of ours. READ POST HERE

you can also see this video

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