Everything you need to know about SEE-SLC 2074

SEE stands for Secondary Education Examination which was the replacement for SLC ( school leaving certificate ). Many of us still are familiar with SLC. Whatever might be the name the name was changed since the year 2073. Before that, it was called as SLC. Everything you need to know about SEE-SLC 2074 is deeply described below for the students.

SEE is considered to be the iron gate for students. A few years back students had to give the SLC exam from the books read in class and 9 and class 10 too and later it was removed. Now students just have to write exams for the syllabus in grade 10. Since early days SLC has seen many changes from the name change to marking system changes.

The first SLC/SEE  examinations was held in the year 1934(1990BS).

Office of the controller of examination:

This is the main governmental institute in Nepal under the ministry of education who is responsible for handling everything related to SLC/SEE from exam schedules to questions paper preparations too result publishing in a different part of Nepal in different ways. Every year they are responsible for smoothly handling the SEE examination in Nepal, which is attended by around 300 thousand students every year. If there is any problem you face than the priority will be to contact your schools first which should in response contact the district wise institute responsible or under the office of the controller of examinations to solve SEE students problem.

In this year, for the grade 10 exam or examination of Secondary Education (SEE) about 538,020 students are taking part.

Everything you need to know about SEE-SLC 2074
Everything you need to know about SEE-SLC 2074

SLC/SEE 2074-2075 exam date:

The Controller of an examination will publish the result notice as it comes. For now, the exam date is fixed for the SLC/SEE 2074 is Chaitra 8 2074 or English date is 22 March 2018.

As we get the information regarding any change in the slc/SEE exam date we will publish it on our website and mobile applications.We have published the exam schedule by clicking this. There is full schedule on the page. Download the model question, it is placed in the bottom of the page.

SLC/SEE 2074 Marking system:

As we all know the marking systems have been changed to grading system so the same grading system will be in use for the upcoming SEE 2074 examinations marking results. We will post full details of the grading systems. how it works and which subject will you be eligible for based on the grades you received will be posted in another article which you can find on our website.

SLC/SEE Exam Security:

SEE/SLC is a very important level of examination in Nepalese society. The eyes of every parent, students, news and media, political personnel, governmental organization, non-governmental organization, international non-governmental organization are on this examination. Thus, the government is taking it very strictly. To maintain peace during an examination, Nepal Police is providing security outside the exam center in a certain perimeter. Before exam starts security starts an hour ahead and ends until the examination is finished. The security continues till the examination answers sheets are taken by education department or the controller of the examination. To maintain such security, there cost a large budget by the government of Nepal. By sending the money, it makes the student give the examination is secured way. Thanks to the Nepal police for helping the students by giving such help.

SLC/SEE exam center:

It is very important to know the exam center of the school where the exam center is placed to held the examination. The exam center will be known just a few weeks ahead of the examination date. There are criteria for placing the center of the examination. The center should be within the same district in where the students own school lies. The school should provide the basic need for the examination. Health Facilities should also be covered if any incidents happen. If the exam center is far, then it would be very difficult for the students to go there and give an exam.

SLC/SEE help desk:

There is no official help desk for helping students queries and problems that come in and after SLC/SEE examination. So the website www.resultayo.com was started to help those groups of students. You can always write to us on our website or leave us a message on our facebook page. We try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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We regularly updates about SEE result dates, updates ,syllabus and many more here on resultayo.com



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