EDV result 2021 with winners list

EDV is one of the famous lottery all over world. Though all the countries are not eligible, Nepal is one of the eligible country for it. Please be sure that selected in first round does not guarantee you are fully selected because there are couple of other rounds to go through. Though you have a 90%  further chances if you submitted all the valid data while registering for the EDV 2021

The benefit of EDV 2021 :

If you are a kind of person who wants to settle and work in America then this is the right and easy gateway to America. When someone gets selected from EDV then he/she becomes a citizen of America directly after staying there for 5 years.  Initially they will get the green card to work and live in America.

The EDV 2021 result winner list:

Here, is the list of people who got selected as the winner for the EDV 2021. Hope they clear the interview and all the further selection procedure too.

EDV RESULT 2021 winners list

Some Strict rules added on EDV result 2021:

Unlike the past years, this time USA declared to make passport entry and valid email compulsory for entering into EDV lottery. Normally these are the 3 basic preliminary requirement to fill EDV lottery 2021

  1. Fill the details of your spouse (wife / husband) and children if any.
  2. You and your families recently taken 2×2 size photos.
  3. Your’s highest education certificate or some working experience of at least 2 years in some areas.

Things to consider before and After EDV :

  1. Never share your unique ID with anyone.
  2. Keep your ID you get during the registration safe because you would need that when checking the result.
  3. Make sure you provide authenticate data on registration.
  4. Never pay someone who says they will make you selected for EDV because its completely a lottery system. Nothing works beside some luck.


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