EDV official result website is down ,EDV result 2019

The official website of EDV which is the one and only website to check EDV result 2019, EDV result 2020 was down within 2 seconds after EDV result 2019 was published.

How to check result when result website is down.

There are no other alternatives if the main official website for checking the website is down. The only thing you can do is wait until the site becomes available again. Many might have tried but had this experience of the website not opening. Don’t worry the result page will be available almost for 1 years so you can check it any time you are free and the website will also not be slow and down.


Why does this happen ?

As many people are trying to open the same website in the same time this happens. But technically its because the officials who are maintaining it have no proper technical plan. They don’t have the nice server to balance heavy website traffic. This is the main reason. To uderstand with good example. It is like you have a 2 rooms only and 50 people came to your house and so in such conditions only few people will have a chance to stay properly in your house. Same has happened to their website. I propose the Officials to make a proper planning forhead to overcome such p

Best Time to see result?

Just wait for few more days when or only a few people will be left for checking the result and the website will also work properly. There is nothing to worry about. It may not be working properly now but eventually, it will start working fine. Best wishes to all the 2019-2020 EDV entrant.

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  1. Please, do inform to the National Education board about the SEE result of technical stream. There is not probability of getting 3.87 or 3.84 as we need to add all the scored GPA(subjects wise) and divided by 10 as we technical students of electrical engineering (9-10) needs to study 10 subjects except oprional mathematics.

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