EDV DV lottery 2020 opening again

Finally, the wait is over for the people waiting for EDV lottery 2020. The DV is opening.

For the 2020 Degree Visa (DV) program, the application period for the program will be opened on Ashoj 17 (October 3, 2018), at the Eastern Standard Time Midnight (Local time in Nepal according to local time 9:45) and on Kartik 20 (November 6, 2018), will be closed at the Eastern Standard Time Midnight (according to local time in 10:45 pm). Embassy of the US encourages the applicants to fill up the application soon.

dv lotery 2020 ashoj 17 coming tomorrow
dv lotery 2020 ashoj 17 coming tomorrow

Important information for a willing applicant:

Application Fee: The filling up the form of EDV lottery of US is free, you can fill up the form from your home.
Not required for consultants: There is no need of consulting the consultants of consultancy for this. If you need help for filling up the form, then you can consider the help of your family members, friends, or some faithful people, or some help you can get from.
To submit the form online: For submission of the EDV lottery form in www.dvlottery.state.gov, the applicants must submit the EDV application in between Ashoj 17  2075 to Kartik 20 2075. 

To open family details: For the registration process, the marital status of the individual must be cleared. If he/she is married then his/her children must be included in the form if their child is below the age of 19 on the date of submission of the form. If they are not included in the form, their application becomes invalid and cannot go in the US.

Family members ineligible to be included in the details: There have been a new change in Diversity Immigrants Visa Program 2020, that if the husband, wife or child is not eligible for the EDV program then the application the applicants automatically becomes invalid.

One application for one: You only have to submit a single application per applicants for validation. Applicants who submit more than one application will be ineligible for the EDV program.
Recently Posted Photo: Please do not use the picture of yours which you have used last year. Always use the latest picture while submitting the application form. There is strictness in the photographic rules and it should the followed strictly. No hats or glasses should be wear when photographing.
Apply and print your confirmation number: This is the only way to check whether you are selected or not in this program. So place it safely when EDV lottery result is published. Do not give your confirmation number to other people. The only way for determining whether you are selected or not is to enter your Confirmation Number on May 7 , 201 9 ( 2076 of July 24) or at www.dvlottery.state.gov .
Applicants should have to provide with their valid email address while registering the application. But remember that email notification of the person who has been chosen will not be sent. You have to check yourself about that.

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