EDV 2021 Result is going to be Published


EDV 2021 Result is going to be Published on 6th June 2020 (Jestha 25). Last year the EDV lottery result was published on 5th May as there was no problem. But this year due to may global pandemic the result is out of the timeline. This delay is will have an impact on the regular schedule of the interview date and visa process. As the interviews had been postponed for 60 days, this will make very high congestion on interviews for a scheduled person.

EDV Lottery Result
EDV Lottery Result

This year there had been a major change in the EDV lottery filling form process that, the person should have a valid passport with a 1-year remaining date on his/her passport. Due to lots of fake entry, theĀ U.S. Department of State has made the passport mandatory for filling up the EDV form.

To check your edv status follow the step below:-

EDV 2020 / EDV 2021 result checking tricks that can work


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