EDV 2020,DV lottery 2020 result published, congratulation to winners

The EDV result was published exactly on the same date as promised and written on the official website of the dv lottery state website. The website was very slow as the result was published which is obvious. Here we would like to speak on few of the issues we found around after EDV lottery for the entrant was published.

EDV fraud cases by EDV filling institute:

What we are going to say here is not a story but a real cases that has happened to someone after someone was selected or got the lottery. Some girls got selected in the Lottery but she did not keep the confirmation number with her. The party or the man who filled her EDV form was bribing her to give her confirmation number only after she accept to take her as the dependent of her. This is a ridiculous situation some one can face. There are hundreds of such stupid things happening in Nepal during EDV result.  Follow the following rule always.

  1. Fill the form your self or in case if you need the help from someone keep the confirmation number safe with you.
  2. Nothing can be done without confirmation number  that is very  essential part of DV lottery.
  3. Never take help from the institution who says  they will help in further  second  steps of EDV if you get selected because  the process are very easy  and the embassy will guide you on that. There is no need of consultancy at all.
EDV result 2020 result problems fraud case
EDV result 2020 result problems fraud case



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Milan Bahadur Gurung

how to see dv lottery result 2020.

1 year ago

Please know that edv result of 2020 official website is not responding may be because there are thousands of people using that same website so it is not able to serve to so many people at the same time
This is just a guess of mine there may be other reason also!!

Samuel p. Jallah
1 year ago

Hi, I’m Samuel p. Jallah,
I’m a liberian and I was born 31/03/2001. I graduated from the Jimmy jolocon high school in the year 2017/2018. My dream in life is to become a U.S. Marine.
I have played this DV Lottery more than three times and I’m always unfortunate. I have the hope that this year I will be among the lucky winners. Sometimes I sit and ask myself; when will I be a winner? I want to serve and protect the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic.


[…] EDV 2020,DV lottery 2020 result published, congratulation to winners […]

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