EDV 2020 / EDV 2021 result checking tricks that can work

This is the regular problem we have seen during the EDV result. We have seen this problem since ages and still is continuing. The problem here , we mean the website getting down as soon as the result is published. Here, our motive is to share some tricks that we normally use to get the result when the website is down. Please this does not work all the time. But has worked for us several time.

This is not the 100% working solution. As we know we visit the website and we see the site not opening. The reason for it is because of heavy traffic to the website. We would like to request the EDV lottery department to please consider this problem seriously and try to fix it. This problem is not a big issue and can be fixed but every year same problem gets repeated.

This is normally what we do to get to the EDV lottery site.

  1. Type the url of the official edv result page https://dvlottery.state.gov/
  2. So if you get the issue. What you have to do is also add www infront of dvlotter.state.gov .
  3. We repeat it is not the permanent and 100% working solution but works many time.
  4. Other solution is to wait until the site gets up and running again.
  5. Wait few days when the traffic is low and you can easily watch your EDV lottery result without any issue.

There has been so many fraud cases in EDV. So please don’t share your number or give money to anyone if they says they will provide you the lottery in exchange of cash.

For more details regarding the few fraud cases,. You can read this article

EDV 2020,DV lottery 2020 result published, congratulation to winners

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[…] EDV 2020 / EDV 2021 result checking tricks that can work […]

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