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Are you waiting for the EDV 2019 result. Here we are trying to provide some quality information regarding where to get the EDV result 2019. How to check your EDV result online . How get rid of fake sites and everything you want to know about the edv USA diversity visa lottery.

What is EDV or DV lottery:

EDV which stands for Electronic Diversity VISA. It is the Visa and an opportunity to migrate to USA. When you get selected in this lottery. You get a chance to live work and stay permanently in USA. The selection procedure is totally like how a lottery get announced. Millions of people who applied for the lottery will be selected on the result date randomly. This is not based on qualifications or some straight procedure but completely like a lucky draw. Whoever is lucky will get selected. Every years thousands of people receive this VISA and get migrated to USA from all over the world.

Will EDV be cancelled from 2020:

We get a lot of news that Donald Trump will soon cancel the EDV lottery. But this has not been a final and fully approved decission by the US Government. So until we don’t get such official hearing that there wont be EDV 2020 then it will happen next year too.

How to check the EDV lottery 2019 result online:

The result checking process of EDV lottery is very easy. The important things to remember is there is only one website where you can get or check if you got the lottery or not. From our website we are just trying to give information and guide people who have no idea on internet.

  • Visit the website https://www.dvlottery.state.gov/ . There you need to click on get result sections.
  • Type your lottery number that you got during your EDV registration process.
  • You also need to type your date of birth without mistake.
  • If you get selected in the lottery you will receive congratulation message else message saying you are not selected. And in that case you need to apply next year again.
  • The important thing here is you should have the DV registration number with you. Which is the only thing that is required in result checking process.

EDV Official website:

There is only one official website in the world that has the right to publish the result of EDV (diversity Visa) lottery result. If anyone sends you email stating, they will provide you the lottery result in return of some cash or dollar. Please don’t¬† follow such emails. They are totally fake emails.

EDV (DV) Lottery result 2019 final Date:

There is no fix date for the EDV lotter 2019 or any dates. There won’t be any pre-notice too regarding the EDV reesult date. The only way to know is visit the official website¬† www.dvlottery.state.gov and see if the DV result is published or not.


First of all your name must appear in the lottery when the result is applied. If not you have to understand you did not get it. For those who got the lottery normally need to go through some series of interview process. For more full details please visit the official website.


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Samir Thapa
Samir Thapa
2 years ago

I will get this time edv result

daya shrestha
daya shrestha
2 years ago

dv ko result ako ho ta???

Dhan Bahadur tamang
Dhan Bahadur tamang
2 years ago

20194C0P11B3JFTH 1994

Ram Pukar
Ram Pukar
2 years ago

Why DV-2019 entries submitted before October 18 are invalid ?

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