DV Lottery 2021 result and Corona

Most of the people who applied for EDV 2021 and waiting for the result are worried due to COVID-19 case. Is it safe to visit America now incase if they get selected for EDV. The situation is bad everywhere. The process of applicant who got selected for 2020 have not been taken to America yet. Their processing have not ended yet. All due to lock down due to corona.

DV lottery result 2021 and corona problem:


Incase if you get selected for the DV result 2021 we would advice to not worry and just go with the processing. The processing takes a lot of time. It goes year and longer so keep doing the processing and incase if the situation goes worst in America you can then take the decision that is right to you.

Take the decision that is suitable for you. But honestly visiting or going an foreign country now will not be a right decision to take as the condition are worst out there.

How to check DV lottery result 2021:

The result is going to get published today at 9:45. To know how to check your DV lottery result click on the link below and read the steps guide.

EDV 2020 / EDV 2021 result checking tricks that can work




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