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The process to get driving license in Nepal is slow. People have to wait for each and every process in the run. Wait for the form to start. Wait for the driving written exam result. Wait for the driving smart card to get published. It takes a long time for someone to get a smart driving license in Nepal. A friend’s of mine, who have passed the exam and trial is still awaiting for his license and it’s been more than half years now.

check driving written exam result:

The process is slow but at least they have created a methods to check the result of driving written exam. Those who appeared for the driving vehicle written exam, Now don’t have to visit the office and check their name in the list posted in the wall. Now you can easily check it from your cell phone. To get the nepal driving license written exam result from your mobile phone follow the steps bellow:

  1. Create a new message and type WT space <your ID>  For example WT 45356A in the message box
  2. Send the message to 31003
  3. You will receive the message if you have passed or failed.

driving license result and smart card ready check

Checking the smart driving Readiness using sms:

After clearing the written exam. Everyone needs to clear the trial. If passed the trial they will qualify for the password. This days Nepal government is providing the smart driving license. Which is completely digital, made from hard plastic material. Though it is better than the older license type. The problem is it takes a lot of time to receive it. Vehicle trial giver and check if their smart driving license is ready or not by following the bellow procedure.

  1. Create a new message and type LC <space> <applicant id>
  2. Send the message to same number 31003
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  1. how to check licence printed or not by using license number . I don’t have applicant ID. Help

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