Dont share EDV lottery CASE NUMBER

What is the CASE NUMBER ??

The case number is like a queue number, which starts from 0001. Lots of people are curious about why case number matters. If you have case number on first then, you will get an interview date earlier and you need to collect all the documents needed.

Can I share my Case Number?

This is a valid question of why case number matters. The case number is like a lottery number which makes you verify your status. When you get your offer letter in including your case number, you have to keep it secret and don’t share it with another person.

Dont Share your case number
Don’t Share your case number

What is DS-260 form?

If you share your case number and confirmation number then this could be misused. After getting your case number you can fill up the DS-260. If you share your case number with other then, he/she can fill up the wrong information in the DS-260 form. If this happens then you will be invalid for the selection process because your documents couldn’t match if wrong documents were submitted by the person.

So please don’t share your Confirmation number, case number, and other personal details with another person. For filling up the DS-260 form you need to fill up all the personal details, work experience, police report, and other details asked up there like marriage status, children, family members, If you have forgotten to mention earlier while filling EDV lottery form.

Please note that after filling up the DS-260 with all the documents, you will get the notification that your document is complete or you need to add more documents for the form. You need to complete class 12 for filling up this form.

**If you have any question please ask below in comment section**

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6 months ago

If i had gone qatar 10 years earlier ie at 2007 to 2010 and visa on previous passport then should i include it or not and if i include i need to get police report or not please let me k ow

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