Difference between the Government and Private School in Nepal

Primarily you will find two types of difference between the Government and Private School in Nepal, Government and private schools but there are also few public schools in Nepal. Let’s learn about the difference between the Government school and private school in Nepal.

Government schools:

Government schools are fully funded, executed and maintained totally by the government of Nepal. There is at least 1 government school in each and every districts of Nepal. Government schools are normally non-profit oriented.

Private Schools:

The schools started by Personals or group of people with motives to profits are private schools. They are solely owned by People investing in it. Compare to government schools Private schools are more in Nepal.

Government School VS Private schools:

Difference between the Government and Private School in Nepal

Let us make a comparison between private and public (government) schools based on few parameters.

Quality of Educations:

Parents in Nepal are more inclined towards the private schools in comparison to government schools because of the quality of educations they provide. Mainly due to bad management in government schools and carelessness towards their student’s people are less satisfied with the government schools. Teachers in government schools do not care about the students they have. Which does not happen in private students. Each and every student in private students are strictly monitored for their personal and educational development. The worst part of government school being the students are taught in Nepali languages because of which the students in government schools are weak in English and due to which they will be backward in many aspects of life.

Fees structure:

Private schools are far more expensive than government schools and even the scholarship are higher in government schools than in the private schools. There are few government schools in Nepal which We would personally advice to read than choosing over private schools.


Obviously, government schools have more facilities compare to private schools but the worst part is they are never properly utilized for the benefits of students. So private schools are better in case of facilities. Almost all private school runs hostel facilities for students which can be rarely or not found in government schools.


which choose government over Private schools:

I would personally advise choosing government over private schools only if following conditions are satisfied.

  •  Look for some government schools where the teaching is completely English based. Yes, you can find such schools too. Choosing such schools you won’t be far behind in English conversations and knowledge required.
  • if you want to read at very low costs.
  • Another advantage being, you will have more opportunities to receive scholars and funds later in your higher studies. Universities in Nepal give special priorities to students who read from government schools. In Pokhara university, you have had to be from government schools to fight for the scholarship.

Why choose private schools over government schools:

  • Most of the government colleges in Nepal are in worst situations an with the worst quality of educations they provide. But 99% of the private schools are better than the government schools.
  • They provide you some extra curriculum activities and competitions which does not often happen in government schools. These types of competitions and extra activities are very important for academic and non-academic growths of the students.
  • As most of the private school focus on English medium of teaching your English knowledge will be quite good over students from government schools. It does not mean that who are reading in government schools are worst. It also depends on how well you study. Everyone can achieve it even someone reading in government schools.
  • Almost all private schools have hostels facilities if you are far from home or want some more learning hours which they provide in hostels.
  • Almost all private schools have transportations facilities for kids living far from schools which are not provided by the government schools in Nepal.
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