Class 12 supplementary result publishing today

Good news for all our class 12 students, who appeared for the supplementary exam and waiting for the result. Finally, as per the information, we got from the NEB (National Education Board) Nepal. The result of Class 12 supplementary result publishing today.

We hope every one of you is very clear about how to see your result online or offline. Please verify that you see the result from the right source and get your marksheets too. There is numerous way you can use to see your result. The Nepal telecom is giving these service from long after. You can utilize their service or get the result your result from the official NEB  source.

Here is the link to get the result using NTC. Don’t be confused about the result being published there. Read carefully before you act. The result you are seeing there now is of Class 12 management, humanities and educations and that is clearly stated on the website with the years too. For the supplementary exam result, the heading will include supplementary on it. So don’t just think that the result is being published and start typing your registration number. We repeat read the title of the page carefully and act.

A Very important thing, what mistake the most of the student do is to get their marksheet is while typing the date of birth. Make sure you type it in the right format. See the example below to know how to type the right date of birth

Date of birth format for result marksheet

This format is applicable only on Nepal telecom website. ie here. They accept the date of birth in the format separated by hyphen like this 2055-05-1. The most important thing to understand here doesn’t put your months in 1 digit if it has a single digit, for example, 2055-5-1 will be a wrong entry.So if your birth month is Baishakh type 01, not 1. These are the common mistake many students trying to watch marksheet of SEE or NEB does. We hope now you won’t make this mistake now.


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Suman Pokharel
2 years ago

Class 11 ko regular board exam test kahile auxa????

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