Class 12 exam also canceled? It is the responsibility of the school to evaluate

The government is trying to make some nice decisions for class 12 examinations as the country is shut down. Likewise, SEE result 2076 is evaluated by school itself. So this might be a good decision.

As millions of students are confused due to the lack of exams and this will affect all the undergraduate classes of all the universities in Nepal, the class 12 exams will be decided soon. Finding a way out of this subject will open the way for students to study at the undergraduate level.

hseb neb class 12 result

Chairman of the National Examination Board, Prada Chandra Mani Poudel, said that continuous dialogue was being held with the government on conducting and certifying the examinations of class 12 students. This news has been written by Shesh Kant Pandit in today’s Gorkhapatra daily.

Discussions have been started on various options for conducting the examination of class 12 students and publishing the results. Some time ago, it was planned to complete the examination of the students in the old way and publish the results. But now that possibility has been ruled out.

Now, as an alternative, the issue of giving the final right of evaluation of students to the school is being discussed. He said that they are engaged in discussions on how to open the exam option as there is a provision that students have to take the exam in class 12.

For this, discussions have been started on taking the exam, again and again, completing the examination process using online or other means and a decision will be taken soon.

The board has demanded to give the authority to the government as it does not have the right to take such policy decisions at present. Board Chairman Poudel informed that they are thinking of paving the way by publishing and verifying the results of class 12 students after working independently.

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