Choosing the Right place to read after SEE examination result 2074

Many students move from their hometown in search of better college after SEE exam result. Many opt to read in nearby college within their cities. Let’s discuss and see some advantage and disadvantage that you might get into while choosing the place to read.

How to choose the place to read after SEE examination result:

The place to read after SEE depends on many factors few of them are listed below.

The subject of study:

Every state and district in our country does not have the colleges teaching each and every branch of studies like science, commerce , arts and many more. So students are forced to leave their hometown and join the colleges which are in another district or region. Our government must make a proper planning and add few more colleges in every district where students can have a choice to study the subject of their choices.

Quality of Educations:

As most of the colleges in rural areas are under-developed district have poor education qualities, They have less experienced teachers, they have few facilities, they have poor results every year’s student opt to choose the college which might be far but with a hope of getting the better quality of educations.

Students Quotas:

If there is a single college in your area and if it has the capacity of 100 students only than all others have to search for other colleges in other parts of the countries.

The advantage of reading outside your hometown

  • You will get to see and explore new places.
  • You will get to learn more if the place where you migrated has better educations facilities and resources for the students. For example, a student who would migrate from Rasuwa to Kathmandu would surely get more facilities than he or she would have in his own town.

The disadvantage of reading outside of your hometown.

  • The very first and major problem being the rise in your expenditures as you need to manage everything again in the new place.
  • The learning environment you would have received in-home might not be available if you stay in a hostel or in rent.
  • Many students might find it the frustration to be away from family and friends for a long period of time.


Always try to make a wise decision now onwards. The choice depends upon the students. If you are looking for better quality of education and the college in your town does not provide than you must not hesitate to migrate to cities with better colleges. After all its all about your career. The migration may not be possible for everyone because it obviously cost more price to pay. If that is the case then you might find some colleges with in your outskirts to satisfy your needs. If you really want to learn than only choosing the best college doesn’t mean you will be best. If you try with the available resource you have by better utilizing it you can be better in what you want to achieve staying even within your hometown.

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