EDV 2020 / EDV 2021 result checking tricks that can work

This is the regular problem we have seen during the EDV result. We have seen this problem since ages and still is continuing. The problem here , we mean the website getting... Read more »

EDV lottery Nepal website is very slow

Here the EDV Lottery is published and very lucky person are selected. Due to many people are trying to check their result, the website is being very slow. It doesn’t mean that... Read more »

EDV result 2020 will come

EDV result 2020 will come 9:45 pm today Nepal time. This year the EDV result is before the Schedule. Last year and previous year EDV lottery Result was coming on 14th May.... Read more »
edv state gov website is down

EDV official result website is down ,EDV result 2019

The official website of EDV which is the one and only website to check EDV result 2019, EDV result 2020 was down within 2 seconds after EDV result 2019 was published. How... Read more »

EDV 2019 Nepal result date full information |

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EDV result 2019 coming soon ,EDV result 2075, lottery tips

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DV result 2019 | only 8 days left | date May 15 | steps to see DV result in Nepali

Yes from the date this post is being published there is only a few days left for the EDV 2019-2020 to get published online. As today is MAY-7 there is only 8... Read more »

EDV | DV result 2019 published Today is a fake news

Found few sites claiming the DV lottery 2019 is published, which is totally a fake news. The result is not being published yet. When the news gets published we will let you... Read more »
EDV lottery published DV 2020 EDV lottery

EDV 2020,DV lottery 2020 result published, congratulation to winners

The EDV result was published exactly on the same date as promised and written on the official website of the dv lottery state website. The website was very slow as the result... Read more »

how to fill edv lottery 2019-2020

Finally, the wait is over for the Nepalese people who want to go to America easily without any trouble and that is EDV Lottery just by having a luck to get. Many... Read more »