EDV Lottery 2022 apply date

The day is here to apply for DV Lottery 2022. After a long wait of a year, the DV form is ready to fill 2077, Ashoj 21 (October 7, 2020) at 9:45... Read more »

Some important notices from Online Chat with US embassy Nepal about visa and EDV

A large number of people have Visa Related questions and queries for the Embassy of US in Nepal and other countries. Here we have snapped some questions and answers related to Visa... Read more »

Dont share EDV lottery CASE NUMBER

What is the CASE NUMBER ?? The case number is like a queue number, which starts from 0001. Lots of people are curious about why case number matters. If you have case... Read more »

DV Lottery 2021 result and Corona

Most of the people who applied for EDV 2021 and waiting for the result are worried due to COVID-19 case. Is it safe to visit America now incase if they get selected... Read more »

EDV result 2021 publishing tomorrow

After a long wait EDV Lottery result 2021 is publishing on June 6 2020 9:45 pm (GMT +5:45). As always feel free to get all the information from our website. Best wishes... Read more »
EDV 2021 Lottery Result

EDV 2021 Result is going to be Published

  EDV 2021 Result is going to be Published on 6th June 2020 (Jestha 25). Last year the EDV lottery result was published on 5th May as there was no problem. But... Read more »
How to fill EDV DV lottery online

Full detail guide to fill EDV DV online

EDV lottery opens every year and here is the full details regarding how to fill EDV online for free. We repeat, yes you can fill EDV online yourself and save your money.... Read more »

EDV result 2021 with winners list

EDV is one of the famous lottery all over world. Though all the countries are not eligible, Nepal is one of the eligible country for it. Please be sure that selected in... Read more »
DV 2021 rules EDV 2021

EDV 2021 updates and Process details of EDV

We would like to congratulate all the Nepalese who got selected in EDV 2020 and best wishes for the upcoming EDV 2021. For those who didn’t get selected in EDV2020 we have... Read more »

EDV 2020 / EDV 2021 result checking tricks that can work

This is the regular problem we have seen during the EDV result. We have seen this problem since ages and still is continuing. The problem here , we mean the website getting... Read more »